Be in FRONT of beginner Igbo language adult learners searching for Igbo tutors


  • Are you passionate about helping adults learn Igbo language one-on-one?

  • Are you struggling to make money as an Igbo tutor because you can’t find students to hire you for your Igbo language tutoring services?

  • Have your previous attempts to market your Igbo tutoring services failed because of your small audience reach on social media and bad advertisements?

  • Are you tired of waiting for sites like Verbling and Tuteria to approve your Igbo service listings?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you need to sign up to add your Igbo tutoring business to my Igbo Tutor Directory page!



What is the Igbo Tutor Directory? 

  • It is literally a list of Igbo language tutors like you that work one on one with adults to help them learn Igbo. (See it here). And you get to advertise your services in front my 12,000+ audience members with an interest in Igbo language.


What is the difference between the Starter Package, Basic Package and Plus Package listing?

Starter Package ($5/month) (Cancel as needed)

  • 1 month listing
  • Your Name
  • Your City, State, Country
  • Your E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Your lesson prices
  • One link to your tutoring services page or social media page

Basic Package ($12/year) (Cancel as needed)

  • 1 year listing
  • Your Name
  • Your City, State, Country
  • Your E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Your lesson prices
  • One link to your tutoring services page or social media
  • Permission to advertise your Igbo language tutoring services once a month in my Igbo Language Learners Club Facebook filled with ~700 people or under my Instagram posts (~2500 followers) if someone is looking for a tutor

Plus Package ($24/year) (Cancel as needed)

  • 1 year listing
  • Your Name
  • Your City, State, Country
  • Your E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Your lesson prices
  • Permission to advertise your Igbo language tutoring services once a month in my Igbo Language Learners Club Facebook filled with ~700+ people or under my Instagram posts (~2500 followers) if someone is looking for a tutor
  • One picture of you* (optional)
  • One link to your tutoring services page* 
  • 4 links to all of your social media pages: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube*
  • Dialect specialty*
  • Levels you teach: beginner, intermediate, or advanced*
  • 1-5 sentence summary about yourself and your Igbo tutoring experience*

*Plus Package feature only


How will being listed on the Igbo Tutor Directory help you? 

Imagine having adults who are serious about learning Igbo constantly emailing you about your Igbo tutoring services – instead of spending all of your time searching for students on your own.

Imagine having your calendar booked with students eager to learn Igbo from you ever week  – instead of going weeks without having anyone to tutor.

Imagine the feeling you will get as you continue to help more and more Igbo adults learn Igbo as you see them progress after going through your Igbo lessons – instead of your Igbo tutoring business never growing and not making an impact on anyone’s life and wasting your Igbo language skillsets.

The Igbo language is said to be on track to be extinct in several generations. Be a part of the movement to keep Igbo language alive and join Ezinaụlọ’s Igbo Tutor Directory today. Igbo language learners around the world are waiting for you to share your teaching gifts with us! 🙂


Why should you invest in advertising your Igbo tutoring services on 

As an owner of a language support business for adults who want to learn Igbo, I constantly get messages like this in my inbox 🙂 :

People in my audience are always asking me if I know any Igbo tutors that can help them learn Igbo. Instead of turning them away, wouldn’t be nice if I could direct them to my Igbo Tutor Directory page with your services listed on there instead?

And when I share a link to my Igbo Tutor Directory page, you will get immediate access to my growing Ezinaụlọ Igbo language learning community if you join my directory! Just look at my  ~700 followers on Facebook, ~2500 followers on Instagram, and 2100+ on Twitter that are filled with Igbo language learners looking for your Igbo services!

And don’t forget about my site traffic. currently reaches about 7,000+ unique visitors every month with an interest in learning more about the Igbo language.

If you add all of that together, that is an instant reach of up about ~12,000 people that you can market your business to.

(And don’t forget, that I will let you advertise your Igbo language tutoring services once a month in my Igbo language Facebook group of over 700+ people and permission to connect with my audience on Instagram (~2500 people) if they ask about tutors if you pick an annual package!)

You have two options.

Get in front of Ezinaụlọ’s growing Igbo language community now.

Or continue to post on social media with no followers, beg people to share your posts, spend loads of money on Facebook Ads, and list your services on general language directories where most people are looking up mainstream languages like French and Spanish because they don’t think Igbo tutors would exist on those sites. (Actually, good luck trying to get your Igbo services listed on those mainstream sites. I heard it takes forever to get approved especially if you live in Nigeria.)

Which one makes more sense? 😛

Kedu! I’m Ife, owner of Let me help you find adult Igbo students to tutor!

Note: Directory listing prices will increase overtime as my audience grows so join now to take advantage of this great deal and start teaching adults Igbo today.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this Igbo Tutor Directory NOT for?

This Igbo Tutor Directory is NOT for your business if….

  • You do not work one on one with students. This directory is not for listing your Igbo classes where you teach multiple students at once.

  • You only tutor children or teenagers.

  • You only meet with students in real life. / You can’t meet students online.

  • You are not serious about helping adults learn Igbo in a productive and positive way

  • You are not willing to invest in your business

Can I apply to be a tutor if I live in Nigeria?

Yes, I accept applications from tutors who all over the world who are interested in teaching adults Igbo.


Why isn’t the Igbo Tutor Directory free?

I need a way to filter out serious tutors from those who are just playing around. Plus, Ezinaụlọ is a business. Your tutoring service is a business. I am letting you get in front my targeted audience for a small fee so that you will get paid for you tutoring services. So, it’s only fair you pay me too, right? Plus, just one tutoring session with a student will pay for your directory listing!

Can you guarantee that I will find students?

No, I cannot guarantee that you will find students by getting listed on this directory. All that I can promise you is that your chances of booking students to tutor will be increased because I am dedicated to marketing my Igbo Tutor Directory to my growing audience of ~12,000 people to help them with their Igbo language goals. And when potential students visit your page after finding you on my directory, it is up to YOU to seal the deal!

What happens after I apply?

After you apply and submit your payment, you will receive an e-mail from me asking you to fill out your listing information based on what package you picked. Once I get your information, if your application is approved, your site will appear on the Igbo Tutor Directory page within 24-72 hours. (Your 1 month or 1 year listing date will start on the date your site is posted, not on the date you applied.)

Why wasn’t my application accepted?

If your application was rejected, it could be for one of the following reasons:

  • You didn’t fill out all of the required form information

  • Your answers to the questions reveal that you may not be qualified to be an online Igbo tutor for adults

Note: If your application is rejected, you will get your money back.

Why should I advertise my Igbo services on instead of general tutor sites like italki, Verbling, etc?

You can actually do both! But I recommend advertising with me because you know you will be putting yourself directly in front of students who actually want to learn Igbo.

To be honest, native languages like Igbo get ignored on those general sites. Most students on those are sites are looking to learn popular languages like Chinese and German. Many adults probably wouldn’t think to search for Igbo tutors on those sites because Igbo is not listed near the top like the popular languages or they have searched for Igbo tutors before on other sites and didn’t find any so stopped trying.

But when they come to the, they know they can find an Igbo tutor because this site is dedicated to the Igbo language only! Plus, it is also cheaper to list with me than buying Facebook and Google ads. Your listing on actually pays for itself after one lesson booking. (It’s literally $1-$2/month if you sign up for the annual package).

Plus, those sites charge you fees for each lesson you book with a student. I don’t do that.

Can I see how the current directory looks?

Yup, here is the Igbo Tutor Directory page.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with your directory listing, you may apply for a refund up to 7 days after your site was posted on my directory. Just contact me!

Also, if your application is not approved, your money will be refunded to you within 7-14 days.

Why was my listing removed from directory?

There are several reasons why your listing could have been removed from the directory.

  • Your one month or one year subscription has expired. (Payments are NOT automated.)

  • Constant bad reviews from students finding you through this directory

  • Negative online presence

  • Got found copying other teacher’s learning materials, etc.

My listing has been removed and I want to get listed back in the directory. What should I do?

Please click on the buttons below to reapply.


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