The holidays are coming up, and it’s easy to let your Igbo studies slip while you are busy preparing to spend time with family and friends.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can find time to practice your Igbo while relaxing during your upcoming holiday vacation.

One way is to invest in some new Igbo learning material and inspiring Igbo products to get you in the mood to study.

Why not add some Igbo related gifts to your Christmas or holiday list? This can be a great way for your family members to support you with your language learning goals.  (And it’s also a great way to support someone you love that is trying to learn Igbo with their language learning goals too!)

Read below for some ideas on what to include in your wish list this holiday season to make your Igbo language learning goals a little more fun! I’m sharing different gifts that you can get for the people in your life trying to learn Igbo: your child, your spouse, your friend, and even yourself!


  1. Ezinaulo Igbo Family Graphic Tee Shop

Check out my Ezinaulo Igbo Swag Tee shop to see my first collection called “Ndi Be“. It contains a shirt for every member of the family…the mommy, daddy, sister, brother, and even baby! Celebrate learning Igbo together as a family with these cute tees!

Here is one that says “Ezinaulo m na-asu Igbo”, which means “My family speaks Igbo.” A powerful shirt with meaning, right? 🙂

Check out the rest of the shirts from my collection here:

2. Ichafu Series by Art by Nonye

The Ichafu Art series is a beautiful collection by Nonye inspired by Nigeria’s Independence Day. Ichafu means “headwrap” in Igbo. I love this artwork because not only does it make me proud to be an Igbo woman, it also reminds me to use more Igbo in my everyday life. I usually refer to headties using the Yoruba term “gele” instead of the Igbo term ichafu. Buy this art series to put in your home as a simple reminder to think more in the Igbo language! 

3. Keep Calm and Sụọ Igbo (Speak Igbo) Shirt

Are you familiar with those “Keep calm and …” do something memes? Well this shirt puts an Igbo language spin on it by adding Sụọ Igbo, which means “speak Igbo!” What better way to keep yourself speaking Igbo by wearing this shirt? It comes in blue, black, green, gray, and purple colors. 

4. Igbo Children’s Books by Yvonne Mbanefo

This is a great book to get your children for Christmas to help them with learning Igbo! It contains 1000+ plus words with accompanying pictures to assist your kids with their Igbo studies.


5.  The Igbophilic by Learn Igbo Now Shop

Are you from Enugu or just love the area? Why not wear this t-shirt to show how much proud you are of this Igboland town?



6.  Igbo Swag Store by Udochi Okeke

I know I can’t be the only one obsessed with coffee mugs! Start your morning off right with this coffee mug that says, “Kedu?” It’s a great way to get your day started with thinking in the Igbo language with every sip.


7.  “Where is your wife?” A My Igbo Teacher Book by Udochi Okeke

Is your partner or spouse struggling with learning Igbo? Are you having issues speaking Igbo with the love of your life? This ebook could help you! It contains essential phrases in Igbo related to love and marriage.


8. African Igbo woman iPhone case by Chisom

If you are an iPhone owner, you need to order this gorgeous Igbo woman in traditional coral bead jewelry phone cover now! Every time you pick up your phone you will be inspired to speak some Igbo.


9. Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie

This is my favorite book by Chimamanda Adichie. Though the book is written mostly in English, it provides insight to an important time in Igbo history. I believe that it is so important to learn about the history of people when learning their language. With Igbo in particular, learning Igbo history will provide great insight to proverbs and cultural traditions that influence the Igbo language. And even more, the book actually contains Igbo names and Igbo words that you can learn as you go through the book!


Task for You!

Are you getting a little bored with your Igbo language learning journey? Spoil yourself with a new Igbo book, art, or tee to spice it up a bit and keep you motivated with your language learning.

Or do you have a family member or friend feeling discouraged about learning Igbo? Try supporting them with some kind of Igbo language learning gift to show that you support them.

Sometimes you just need something new to keep you going!

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Are you including any Igbo language or culture related gifts on your wish list? What would you love to get as a gift to help you with your Igbo? Comment below!

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