This page contains a list of links both free and premium printed books, digital products, courses, dictionaries, online sites, mobile apps, and groups that can help you with your Igbo learning journey!

If you feel like it’s hard to find resources to learn Igbo, I wanted to change your perspective on that and make this convenient page for you.

Since I want this library to be the ultimate one stop shop for finding resources to learn Igbo, I will be updating this page often.  [Last Updated: September 25, 2022]

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Igbo Tutors for Adults

Igbo Tutors Directory

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Igbo Printed Books for Adults

Printed Igbo Books/Cartoon Shows for Children

Cartoon Show:


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Digital Products/Ebooks

Igbo Accountability Kit Email Series


Igbo Podcast

Ikenga Nation Podcast


Online Translators

Dictionary of Onicha (Onitsha) Igbo 

Igbo-English Google Translator

Igbo-English Dictionary

Nkọwa Okwu

Online Sites

Beginner Igbo Lessons with Ezinaulo

BBC Igbo

Forvo – (Audio site) Hear over 300+ Igbo Word pronunciations

Igbo Conversation Hour

Igbo Amaka Cultural Institute

Igbo Guide

Igbo Language Center

Igbo Phrases

Igbo Radio

Igbo Study

Igbo Village Square

Ije the World Traveler

Learn Igbo 101

Learn Igbo Now

Okwu ID

Omniglot – Useful phrases in Igbo

Sexy Igbo

Teach Yourself Igbo

UCLA – Word List for Igbo

Wikitravel – Igbo phrasebook

Courses (Follow these groups for possible future classes as well)


The Complete Igbo Language Course

Live Lingua Project


Igbo – African Language Program at Boston University – Boston, MA

Introduction to Igbo at CCBC (Community College of Baltimore County) – Essex, MD – or contact Igbo Amaka Cultural Institute at igboamakaculturalinstitute [at] for info about classes

Introduction to Igbo – at Morgan State University – Baltimore, MD – by Anthony Anichukwu – Call 443-885-3155 for more info about future classes!

Igbo at The African Language Program at Harvard (Only if there is a demand) – Cambridge, MA

Igbo at Penn Language Center – Philadelphia, PA

Oge Akwukwo Igbo Learning Story Time for Kids – Houston, TX 


Mobile Apps

My Favorite Mobile Apps for Learning Igbo


Learn to Speak Igbo Talkasoft


Igbo101 for iPhone

iSabi Igbo

Groups (practice with other Igbo-speaking people)


Nzukọ -Igbo Study Support Group for Adults

Igbo Language Learners Club Facebook Group

Top Social Media Accounts to Follow to Learn Igbo

Sometimes these groups offer Igbo classes:

United Kingdom

ICSN – Igbo Cultural Support Network (ICSN) – London


UIU Atlanta – Igbo Summer School

UIU DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia)

UIU Houston

Umu Igbo Unite (UIU) – Chapters in Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, DMV/DC/Maryland/Virginia/Baltimore, Tristate – New York/New Jersey/Connecticut

Igbo Tutors |Books for Adults | Children’s Books/Cartoon Shows | Ebooks | Audio | Dictionaries/Translators | Online Sites | Courses | Apps | Groups

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