If you need help with creating sentences in Igbo, just check out some of these sentences below to get a general idea of how sentences in Igbo are created. They usually follow a general subject-verb-object pattern that you see in English.

Note: Check out my lessons on Igbo vocabulary and Igbo verbs to learn more words you can use to create your sentences in Igbo.

Meeting someone new / Introductory Phrases

What is your name? – Gịnị bụ aha gị?

My name is Chika. – Aha m bụ Chika.

How are they doing? – Kedu ka ha melu?

Source: http://www.ezinaulo.com

They are doing fine – Ha dị mma.

Who is this? – Kedu onye bụ nke a? 

This is my wife. – Nke a bụ nwunye m.

Daily Phrases

Where we are going? – Ebee ka anyị na-aga?

We are going home. – Anyị na-aga ụlọ.

What is she doing? – Kedu ka o na-eme?

Source: http://www.ezinaulo.com

She is cooking breakfast. – O na-esi nri ụtụtụ.

I don’t know. – Amaghị m.

I forgot. – Echefuru m. 

I remembered.  – Echetara m. 

Source: http://www.ezinaulo.com

I understood. – Aghọtara m. 

I didn’t understand. – Aghọtaghị m.

Other phrases

Happy Birthday to you – Ekene Ncheta Ọmụmụ Gị / Ezi Ncheta (Ụbọchị) Ọmụmụ (Ọma) Gị!


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