I’ll confess. I’m always on my phone. Who isn’t these days?

And I already told y’all I’m serious about learning Igbo this year.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot of the home page on my phone:


Look at those first two rows!

I ? am ? not ? playing! lol

Since my phone is literally attached to my hip, there are no excuses for me not to learn with the numerous Igbo apps available at my finger tips. With social media and phone apps, I can literally study Igbo anywhere now!

Seriously, I think every time I go to the Google Store there is a new Igbo language app to download that I have never seen before.

I’m going to briefly review some of these apps and explain why I think you should use them to learn Igbo while you are out and about as well!

Igbo101 by Genii Games

iSabi Igbo

Google Translate

Facebook Group

Mango Languages


1). Igbo101 by Genii Games


Igbo 101 by Genii Games is a very fun app for beginners! You can download it for free to access the first part of the app. I love all of the sounds, colors, games, and Igbo characters!

It is divided into the following bite-sized lessons:

  • The Igbo Alphabet lesson which can be split into vowels and consonants.

  • Basic Igbo sentence formation

  • Igbo Tone Marking

  • A game to match the letter on the screen to letter the app says

  • A game to pick the right word the app says based on different tones

  • A game to test your Igbo vocabulary with pictures

Every section comes with audio so you can hear the pronunciations!

And each section has either a self study option where you can learn at your own pace or an auto learn option where the app automatically goes through the whole lesson for you. I usually use both methods depending what mood I am in.

If you want access to the rest of the lessons on the app, you have to pay!

Download it here!:

Android Users

iPhone Users

2). iSabi Igbo


 The iSabi Igbo app costs about $5 but it is so worth it!

It’s a wonderful app to use if you want to work on your Igbo listening and speaking skills. Not only can you can listen to the speaker pronounce over hundreds of words and phrases in Igbo.

You can also record and save your own voice saying the words in Igbo and compare it to the native Igbo speaker’s pronunciation right in the app!

There is even a quiz you can take to test what you have learned!

Here is a summary of some of the sections you will find inside the app:

  • Tonal Practice Sets – Learn how to pronounce all of the vowels in Igbo with examples of words using both high and low tones
  • Combo Letters – Learn how to pronounce the Igbo digraphs letters
  • Verbs – Learn how to conjugate commonly used Igbo verbs in present, past, and future tense
  • Nouns & Pronouns – Familiarize yourself with frequently used Igbo nouns and pronouns
  • Situations – Learn different Igbo words and phrases to use in every day life events
  • Common Names – Learn how to pronounce Igbo names correctly
  • Dictionary – Scroll through the dictionary with a listing of all the words and phrases found in the app

Download here:

Android Users (It looks like they are updating the app as of June 2018. Stay tuned for the link!)

iPhone users


3). Google Translate


 I know a lot of people hate Google Translate, but I love using it to help me with my Igbo studies.

Go ahead and judge me! 😛

Warning: Igbo Google Translate is wrong sometimes. I repeat, Igbo Google Translate has mistakes sometimes. Use with caution. I don’t recommend it for complex translations.

However… Igbo Google Translate is usually correct, or mostly correct…especially for basic searches.

Sometimes you just want to quickly verify that the sentence you want to say is grammatically correct or that you are spelling a word correctly in Igbo or learn how to say something simple like “Where are you going?”. These kind of queries are when Igbo Google Translate comes in handy for me!

Google Translate will only get better over time as more people contribute to it so I highly recommend using it!


Download it here!:

Android Users

iPhone Users


4). Facebook Group App  (Igbo Language Learners Club)


Did you know you Facebook Groups can help you with learning languages?


  • You can connect with other Igbo language learners around the world

  • You can find study buddies to practice your Igbo with

  • You have a safe place where you can practice writing and reading Igbo without being embarrassed

  • You can get help from the group when you get confused about an Igbo lessson

  • You have a place where you can post your progress with learning Igbo and people will celebrate with you

The reason I am recommending my Igbo Language Learners Club in particular is because it can do all of the above for you with a focus on just the Igbo language!

And it’s easy to add the Facebook Group to your phone’s desktop for easy access. Just go to the Facebook App, click on the group’s page, press the Info button, scroll down the page, and click “Add to Home Screen.”

This way, you can go right into the language Facebook Group without getting distracted by what your friends are posting on Facebook.


5). Mango Languages



Mango is another fun and colorful app I like to use to learn Igbo. For a free app, it comes with a lot!

It has over 100 lessons! Wawu.

You basically get to listen to native male and female Igbo speakers have basic conversations in Igbo and read long while they speak with the words written both in Igbo and English.

You can record your voice and compare how your pronunciation to the native speaker too!

They offer quick quizzes in the middle of each lesson to help you with retaining what you learned. And you can easily track your progress through the lessons!

Here is a summary of the different audio Igbo lessons they offer:

  • Family
  • Home
  • School
  • How do you say…?
  • Money and shopping
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Food
  • Emergency

Download it here!:

Android Users

iPhone Users

Igbo101 by Genii Games

iSabi Igbo

Google Translate

Facebook Group

Mango Languages

Task for You!

Do you have any Igbo apps on your phone?

If not, I want you to download some of these apps on your phone right now. Just go search the Apple Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play store if you have an Android.


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Do you use any of these mobile apps to help you learn Igbo with your busy schedule? Which ones do you like and not like and why? Did I miss any of your favorite Igbo apps? List them in the comments below so I can check them out!

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