The rise of Igbo language learning social media accounts has exploded over the past few years! Whether you are a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube junkie, there is something for you on this page to add more Igbo to your feed! As I always say, we spend all day on social media anyway….we might as well do something productive and squeeze in some Igbo learning time as we scroll with our thumbs.

Last Updated: September 24, 2018

Note: There are many accounts you can follow to get informed about Igbo culture, events, news, services and products, with a few posts about learning Igbo language here and there. So for this post, I’m going to focus solely on accounts that are either actively dedicated to helping us learn Igbo or post mostly in Igbo through social media!

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Let’s start off with Instagram because I think it’s the most fun! 🙂


First, if you are not following me on Instagram yet, biko gaa soro m na Gram ugbua! (“Please go follow me on the Gram now!” lol). My philosophy on Instagram is to make Igbo learning fun! I like to post colorful graphics of Igbo words, simple phrases in Igbo, fill in the blanks for you to practice your Igbo and motivational quotes to keep you inspired to keep up with your Igbo studies!


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If you need to brush up on your Igbo reading skills, the BBC Igbo Instagram page is the place to go. They post daily news in Igbo…with both Igbo subtitles and audio! People event comment in Igbo too. Biko, don’t ask them to translate what they wrote into English. They won’t! Lol.


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Yvonne from Learngbo shares small bite sized Igbo sentences and vocabulary words we can use in our everyday convos. She usually includes colorful graphics and texts as she slowly pronounces each word. Her posts make great tools to practice saying words and sentences in Igbo with the family!


If you need to hear how Igbo words and phrases are pronounced, go follow him…now! He posts quick audio files with either the word(s) in Igbo, English, or both. He usually does a mix of central Igbo and the Anambran dialect. It’s so helpful to hear how to say words properly in Igbo! I love this account!

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If you want to learn how to teach your kids Igbo, please follow @akwukwo! She takes you on a journey of what it is really like to teach your kids Igbo in an English speaking world. Ọ dịghị easy o! The snapshots of the Igbo lessons that she gives her kids and when they are out and about are very inspiring. It’s so neat to see how the kids incorporate Igbo in their everyday conversations. I like how she writes some of her captions in Igbo (with translations too). Very helpful!

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I love to tweet. So of course, I’m on there. Follow me on Twitter @ezinaulo. I share a lot of my personal thoughts about this whole learning Igbo thing. Oh, and I like posting funny memes too.



Igbo people love incorporating Igbo proverbs randomly into conversations. So follow the @IgboProverb account to work on your Igbo proverb comprehension. They post the proverb in Igbo with its literal translation and general message. Keep up with this account, and you’ll be dropping knowledge and spitting out Igbo proverbs like nothing pretty soon!

Here is one my favorite Igbo proverbs:


Don’t have access to the Igbo Bible? Nsogbu a dịghị! (“No problem!”)  Just follow IgboBible on Twitter to get your daily dose of the Word in Igbo throughout the day. He usually posts a line from the Bible with its verse and chapter in Igbo. And posts the same information in English in the following tweet.  Time to get your Igbo church on and learn how to praise God and Jesus in Igbo!


If you want to keep up with Igbo events in Igbo or just see some advanced Igbo text in your Twitter feed, Ohaneze is the account to follow!

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If you are on Facebook, please join my Igbo Language Learners Club!   This is a community that I’m fostering where Igbo language learners all around the world can connect and support each other in their journey in learning Igbo! Feel free to use the group to practice writing your Igbo or ask the group questions about Igbo language things you are having a hard time understanding.


Ohaneze is a Facebook page you want to follow if you want to work on your Igbo reading skills. They post a lot about events going on in Igboland and most of their posts are written completely in Igbo. Go see if you can translate what they are writing!

Umuaka is a Facebook Group created by Akwukwo for parents interested in raising Igbo speaking kids! If you need help getting your kid to speak Igbo, go check out the group to connect with our Igbo parents.

iTeach Igbo

iTeach Igbo is a Facebook Group led by the vibrant and fun Onyii TV. Her motto is learn Igbo the fun way. She includes video lessons that she creates herself in the group and discussion topics about Igbo language and culture.




Yes, I posted @akwukwo twice on this page. Her Youtube channel is amazing too!

If you are wondering what it may be like to teach your kids Igbo, please watch and take note! She offers very fun ways that you can teach them.

By the way, I know her videos are targeted to kids, but I find them so helpful to watch as an adult. Sometimes you just need things explained to you in a simple way.


If there is one account you should subscribe to on YouTube for learning Igbo, it is definitely IgboVillageSquare. He has the most comprehensive collection of Igbo videos on YouTube that I have ever seen. His videos are quick with easy to see graphics and decent sound quality too. He covers everything for beginners from Igbo pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, verbs, and sentence creation.

Oh, and guess what? I hear he’s coming back in 2018 with more videos! I can’t wait!


I’m loving the Ije the World Traveler series so far. It’s entertaining for both kids and adults. They teach Igbo language while teaching you about Igbo culture.  And their videos include captions in both Igbo and English. Check it out!

@Usekwu Igbo

Say bye to boring Igbo language videos. Want to learn how to cook Igbo food and Igbo language at the same time? Then you need to watch Chef Ifeoma’s Usekwu Igbo series. Chef Ifeoma is so vibrant and her passionate energy is so contagious it makes you want to cook the delicious foods with her. And she includes English captions so that you can understand what she is saying in Igbo1


I love watching Angeloma’s videos because she talks about love and relationships in Igbo language! She makes the Igbo language sound so sweet o! And she includes English translations in some of her videos too. Biko, only visit her channel if you are at least iri na asatọ (18) years old. She talks about a lot of adult topics. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂 But here is a family friendly video of hers that you can listen to below:



@Ijeoma IgboStudy

Ijeoma from IgboStudy shares plenty of Igbo vocab, pronunciation guides, and even nursery rhymes in Igbo!


Are you a Pinner? If so, check out my Igbo Language Learning Resources Board on Pinterest!

I pin a lot of different Igbo links to the board that I find around the web including Igbo vocabulary flash cards and books to read!

Get to Following and Learning While You Scroll!

If you love social media and want to learn Igbo, there’s an Igbo account out there on your favorite social media platforms for you to follow! There’s no better way to fit some quick Igbo learning time into your day while you catch up on your gist.

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Let’s Discuss!

What’s your favorite account to follow on social media to help you learn Igbo? And why? Did I miss any of your favorite accounts? List them below so we all can follow them!

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