Are you an adult looking for an Igbo language tutor to help you meet your Igbo goals? Then I am here to help you find a teacher! Use the Igbo Language Tutor for Adults Directory below! Many tutors offer both online and offline Igbo tutoring services for students in Nigeria, United States, UK, Canada, and all over the world internationally and you can meet with them to learn Igbo at your own convenience.


Igbo Tutors Directory

Nkem – Abuja, Nigeria

AC – Maryland, USA

Urenna – Norway, Europe

Chinwe – Houston, USA

Ukonu Chiamaka – Lagos, Nigeria

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Name: Nkem Eluwa

Contact: Email – nkemdirimeluwa [at] gmail [dot] com

Phone Number: +234 8105182265

Phone Number (Canada): +1 647 982 2265

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

Price: $12/hour through Zoom, WhatsApp, Google hangouts and in person.

Instagram page: @igbotutors

Facebook page: Igbo with Nkem

Youtube Channel: Igbo Tutorial for Beginners

Dialect Specialties: Central Igbo, Owerri, Ngwa, Anambra

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

About Nkem: I am also an Igbo author and have written textbook series approved by the Education Resource Centre, Abuja, the body responsible for enlisting textbooks used in schools. I incorporate video songs when teaching students at beginner level. I have a quite number of them that cover topics on alphabet, numbers, birds, animals, greetings, cleanliness, and many more. Short comprehensive reading and dialogue lessons are provided as the student progresses.
Pictures and demonstrations are used to also create a sense of humor and real life events. Interrogation is often emphasized on to keep response flowing in from student’s side.




Name: AC

Contact: Just e-mail AC  at acogu [at] hotmail [dot] com to contact him about his Igbo Tutoring Services

Email: acogu [at] hotmail [dot] com

Location: Maryland, USA

Speaks: Igbo (Native), English (Fluent)

Dialect Specialties: Central, Imo State

Price: $20/hour online through Skype

Teaches: Adults

Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

About AC: I was born and raised in Igbo land in former Eastern Nigeria (now Imo State). I attended both my elementary and secondary school in Igbo land. Igbo is my native language and I am fluent in reading, writing & speaking in Igbo language. I grew up among the elders and titled men and was raised in Igbo cultures and tradition. I have excellent knowledge of Igbo history, culture, proverbs, storytelling and Igbo spirituality and beliefs. I am an author of two Igbo story books. I am also an Igbo Traditional Titled Chief. So I can teach you a lot about Igbo language from my weight of experience.



Name: Urenna – Owner of Igbo School Oslo

Contact Info:

Email: igboschool857 [at] gmail [dot] com

Facebook page: Igbo School Oslo – ISO

Location: Oslo, Norway, Europe

Price: $12/hour on Zoom and in person for local students




Name: Chinwe – Aunty Chi’s Igbo Class

Contact Info:

Email: igboclassauntychi [at] gmail [dot] com

Instagram page: @igboclassauntychi

Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Price: $150 for 12 classes (Zoom classes available online)


Name: Ukonu Chiamaka

Contact Info:

Email: ukonuamaka1 [at] gmail [dot] com

Instagram page: @amaka_healthy_living

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Price: 150 dollars for 10 sessions ( 1 hour per session)


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