Ndewo!  Daalu for joining my email list! As a reward, here is a sneak peak of some of my Igbo alphabet lessons that I have not released to the public yet. The first version of the full beginner lessons will be out in October 2017!

This lesson goes over the differences among K, Kp, and Kw in the Igbo alphabet.

K, k

Igbo word example: kuzie (“teach”)

Sounds like:

Saying the letter kee (or kuh)

Saying the letter in a word: English sound example kite


Kp, kp

Igbo word example: kpakpandu (“star”)

Sounds like:

Saying the letter Combining the k + p sounds or (kp -ee)

Saying the letter in a word: Form your mouth to create the sound of  K and then make the P sound


Kw, kw

Igbo word example: kwuo (“tell”)

Sounds like:

Saying the letterkw-ee

Saying the letter in a word: English sound example question