Kedu nwanne!!!

Want to learn how I’m an adult that finds the time to teach myself Igbo, track my progress, and gain the confidence to speak the Igbo language with my family? Are you interested in self-study methods to help you with learning Igbo independently too despite your busy schedule? Are you committed to making learning Igbo a lifestyle change? Then, you are in the right place. I created to help you with these Igbo language goals goals! ∇

3 Steps to Take to Start Learning Igbo Now

First, to learn Igbo, you simply just have to study Igbo! It’s best to take initiative and learn on your own at first. Can’t find study materials to help you learn Igbo independently? Then start by studying my free Beginner Igbo lessons here – which include bite sized lessons you can learn on the go like pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and sentences. Then review the Ultimate Igbo Learning Resources Library for more help. 

Next, find a tutor in my Igbo Language Tutors Directory to get personalized attention and instant feedback on your speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. You can meet with them at a time that works for your busy schedule. They are also a great resource to have when you are struggling with understanding anything related to the Igbo language. Write down any questions you have during your self-study sessions and bring it up to your tutor. Still not convinced you need a tutor? Check out how hiring an Igbo tutor has helped me here

Finally, get an accountability partner that will remind you to work on your Igbo language goals. Can’t find one? Then enroll in my Igbo Accountability E-Mail Series, where I’ll be emailing you monthly to check on your progress. You will also need to find a community of other Igbo language learners to practice your Igbo with in between your study sessions and to support you on your Igbo language learning journey. Don’t know where to look? Then click here to join my Igbo Study Group for Dedicated Adult Learners. It includes accountability, weekly check-ins, monthly challenges, goal tracking, and a private community to practice your Igbo.

That’s it! Time to get started on your Igbo language learning journey. Just follow this roadmap. No more excuses biko!
You can do it! How do I know? Because these are the methods that I have used to improve my Igbo language skills. And plus, I believe in you!
Just consider me your Online Igbo Language Coach! 😉
P.S Have any questions about how you can teach yourself Igbo? Biko, contact me here!  I want to help!