Daalụ! The 3 day mini #SpeakIgboEzinaulo Challenge is now over.

But Wait... I've got a special opportunity for you if you want to do the longer Igbo speaking challenge...

Join the 28 Day #speakigbo challenge inside my study group called Nzukọ

Nzukọ means “meeting” in Igbo. And that’s the main purpose behind the Nzukọ Igbo Study Group…a place for adult Igbo language learners around the world to “meet” online to practice speaking Igbo and support each other as we get over our fears of speaking Igbo. If you join us inside Nzukọ, you get access to the full 28 day speaking challenge for February 2019, a private space to share your audio with a friendly community who will also be doing the challenge, and more!

You can request a refund up to 7 days or you may cancel your subscription at anytime after that.

It's time to develop your Igbo speaking skills!

Here's what you'll get in the Nzukọ Membership

You’ll get built-in accountability to help you start speaking Igbo!

Get over your fear to speak Igbo today

Join the membership for just a small monthly or annual fee. When you pay, you will get access to the full 28 day #SpeakIgboNaEzinaulo Challenge, accountability partners to practice speaking with, and more inside the community!

(Prices will increase later in 2019)
"Ife, this group is actually pushing me. I've never gotten this far in my Igbo. I communicate in Igbo everyday. Less than 3 weeks in and I know this is a lifetime change."
Igbo Study Group Member
I want to say thank you for pioneering this site...because it has been helping me stay motivated to learn Igbo knowing that I have accountability partners who will check in on me.
B. N.
Igbo Study Group Member

You can request a refund up to 7 days or you may cancel your subscription at anytime after that.

Need a private supportive space to practice speaking Igbo in an online place where you can store your recordings and find people to practice Igbo with and a month long Igbo speaking challenge?

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