There are so many Igbo resources out there right now to help you learn Igbo  …. books, classes, apps, online tutorials, and more!  With all of these Igbo resources available, do you really need to get an Igbo tutor?? Eee!!

This year I have started working more with Igbo tutors and it has changed my Igbo learning experience dramatically. How so? Read below to learn more about why I think adult language learners should hire a Igbo tutor!

1. One on One Time

This is definitely one of the main reasons why I prefer hiring a tutor than taking an Igbo class with other students.

I have taken Igbo classes before with other students. It’s very similar to taking classes back when I was in school… a large classroom of students with one teacher that struggles to keep up with the demands of various skill levels. Some of the class is advanced and some of them are very beginner level. It’s very easy to get lost in the crowd of other students, especially if you are not a very outspoken student like myself.

And if the teacher is not careful, it’s very easy to get behind in the syllabus. And before you know it, you spent hundreds of dollars on an Igbo class and you only got as far as learning the alphabet and body parts in Igbo.

But with a tutor, you won’t  have this problem.

With an Igbo tutor, you will have one on one time with a teacher that can help you directly with your personal language goals.

You won’t have to fight for the attention of the teacher with other students trying to get your questions answered. Your Igbo tutor will meet you at your level and go at the pace that’s right for you.

All of the teacher’s attention will be on you focusing on your needs. You don’t have to be afraid to make a mistake speaking Igbo in front of other students; only your tutor will hear your mistake. It’s very introvert friendly. 🙂

2. Instant Feedback from a human being!

Y’all I know I love me some Igbo language apps! 🙂 They are great tools to have when you are on the go and need to get in a quick review of some Igbo before the day is over.

However, they are really bad at providing feedback on how you sound when you are speaking Igbo. Are your tones even right? Is your overall pronunciation and flow even decent? An app can’t tell you this! (Well at least, none of the current Igbo apps can at the moment).

And same with your listening skills….most of the apps have pre-programmed audio that repeat the same things you have already heard before. You may think you are improving your ability to understand Igbo, but then talk to an Igbo person in real life and they speak completely different than what you have heard on an Igbo app.

However, if you work with an Igbo tutor, they can give you feedback right away on your Igbo speaking skills. No more guessing, whether you are saying the right akwa or eze.  No more guessing if you are vowel dropping the wrong way. No more guessing if you pronounced the “gb” and “gh” in agboghobia correctly. 🙂  You can ask your tutor immediately for his/her input.

And your Igbo tutor will be helping your Igbo ear flourish o! No more playing the same audio and audio again from apps and videos that your ear has already gotten used to. Working with an Igbo tutor will train your ear for the unexpected new words and phrases that you will hear when you interact with Igbo speakers in real life that you can’t get from an app.

3. Accountability

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s embarrassing to meet with my Igbo tutor on a regular basis and not make any progress. When I know my meeting with my Igbo tutor is coming up, I’m always like, let me make sure I reviewed something this week so I can be progressing. 🙂

Seriously, if you haven’t been practicing, your tutor can definitely tell. And you can tell of course. You will be wasting both time and money if you are not practicing Igbo outside of your tutor sessions.

That’s why hiring a tutor is great way to keep you accountable with your Igbo goals. Scheduling tutor sessions gives you that constant reminder that you need to work on your Igbo everyday. Or at least go over your notes from your previous tutoring session!

By the way, if you struggle with accountability, join my Igbo Accountability Email Series for weekly reminder emails to study your Igbo!

Get Yourself a Tutor biko

Honestly, hiring an Igbo tutor is one of the best things I could have done for improving my Igbo language skills. If you need one on one time with a native speaker, instant feedback on your Igbo speaking skills, and accountability, go find yourself an Igbo tutor listed on my Igbo Tutor Directory

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Have you ever hired an Igbo tutor before? What was your experience? Do you prefer tutors or classes? Would you recommend a tutor to a friend trying to learn Igbo?