Aṅụlị Afọ Ọhụrụ! 

Why am I so adamant about my fellow Igbo language learners picking an Igbo word of the year?

I just want you to be able to use some Igbo words to describe your goals for the year 2022. It’s just another way to add more Igbo language to your life. By slowly replacing more English with Igbo words, you’ll be closer to your goal of advanced Igbo language ability.

Try to pick a word or two in Igbo that encompasses the vision that you have for yourself in 2022. And my personal challenge for you is to use this Igbo word frequently throughout 2022 in both your speaking and writing.

Need ideas of words in Igbo that you can use for your Igbo word of the year?

Here are iri ogu (20) Igbo words that you can use:

  1. Abundance – nnukwu
  2.  beautiful – mara mma / ọma
  3. blessing – ngozị
  4.  easy – mfe
  5.  full – juju
  6.  gift – onyinye
  7.  good – ezigbo
  8.  happy/happiness – obi aṅụrị
  9.  health – ahụ ike
  10. hope – olieanya
  11. knowledge – amamịhe
  12. laugh – chi ochi
  13. love – ịhụnanya
  14. nice – nkeọma
  15. patience – ndidi
  16. peace – udo
  17. rich – ogaranye
  18. strength – ike
  19. sweet – ụtọ
  20. yes – ee

So what word did you pick for your Igbo word of the year? Do you pick a word not listed? Why did you pick this word? Let me know in the comments biko!!!

(Try to write in Igbo if you can! This is another way to get practice in using your word. Jisie ike! 🙂 )

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